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20 décembre 2014 6 20 /12 /décembre /2014 21:35

Warning: this is not a countdown. Not a Top 20.


 '68 - In Humor and Sadness


Genre: Noise rock


With all the grunge revival around this year, partially erupting from the commemoration of 20 years of Cobain’s death, partially due to Nirvana’s Hall of Fame’s induction and most probably to the awakening other grunge band members, here it is an album which raises above any resemblance to the genre, but still goes as close as it gets to the notorious Nirvana’s Bleach.



Immediately after his former mathcore band The Chariot broke up, Josh Scogin started working on a duo project called 68, with the drummer Michael McClellan. In Humor and Sadness started off from a couple of songs which did not really fit in The Chariot and became a concept album.



The record does not fit in any styles coming out from the music scene nowadays either. The songs are spontaneous, noisy and desperate, garage like, melodic and brutal with plenty of influences from the noise rock scene. The title tracks are numbers from one to ten and all together spell “Regret not.”



Noise fans might like it, hardcore fans might hate it. It does not matter as it’s one of the most interesting releases of this year





Track 1: R

Track 2: E

Track 3: G (feat B. from Birds in Row)

Track 4: R

Track 5: E

Track 6: T

Track 7: N

Track 8: O

Track 9: T

Track 10: .

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