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19 décembre 2014 5 19 /12 /décembre /2014 09:35

Warning: this is not a countdown. Not a Top 20.


 ArchitectsLost Forever // Lost Together


Genre: Metalcore


"The past is dead!”

Metalcore is a genre on which the commercial exploitation of the early 2000s stuck plenty of clichés to the point where the original scenery couldn’t be recognizable anymore in the modern scene elements. And it’s probably the genre with the most obvious battle between having good productions and commercial success.

Despite the title, the latest Brighton four-piece’s album might just confirm that in the year 2014 the battle has not been lost. On the contrary.

Instead of adventuring into uncharted territories in search for another marketable formula, they grabbed everything they had so at hand and have perfected it. An album that stays melodic without losing its aggressiveness. No compromise, just setting the bar higher.  

Lost Forever // Lost Together was recorded in Sweden and benefits from the production of Fredrik Nordström, propelling the British Architects in the genre's top acts, next to In Flames, Arch Enemy or At the Gates.






Broken Cross

The Devil Is Near

Dead Man Talking

Red Hypergiant


Colony Collapse

Castles in the Air

Youth Is Wasted On The Young (featuring Murray Macleod of The Xcerts)

The Distant Blue



Sam Carter – vocals

Tom Searle – guitars, keyboards

Alex Dean – bass

Dan Searle – drums, programming

Additional personnel

Murray MacLeod – additional vocals on "Youth Is Wasted On The Young"

Randy Slaugh – string production, arrangement and engineering

Jen Allen, Emily Rust, Ariel Loveland – violin

Mark Shipley, Julie Slaugh, Kelsey Georgeson – viola

Elizabeth Clarke, Michael Rollins – cello

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